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Price: $200 for 3 Hours

Women look to the fashion world for guidance, but all they get are mixed messages. The Nouveau Style Image consultant will help you analyze your appearance by cutting through the confusion. We provide you an exclusive personal shopping experience by assisting you with individualized attention and service. Retail associates can be overwhelming and work on commission based salaries. They tend to push the latest trends and higher priced garments in order to meet their monthly quotas. With our personal shopper you will learn how to shop more efficiently based on your needs, style, budget, personality, career and social activities.

Recommendation List

•  What type of store caters to your needs

•  Which brands are designed  for you

•  How to comparison shop        

•  Advantages & disadvantages of certain fabrics

•  Balancing an outfit with color and texture        

•  When to break outdated fashion rules

•  Choosing complimentary colors       

•  Knowing what works for you and why

•  Select accessories according to your preferences, needs

& goals

The Nouveau Style will help you analyze your appearance and wardrobe by cutting through the confusion, saving time and money. Learn what every Parisian woman knows — how to Put Yourself Together, look Chic and feel Confident at any age, at any size and for any occasion. Learn the secrets of French style – how to do more with less, how to add that special accessory and tie that perfect scarf.

The Nouveau Style is always personal and confidential. We take pride in our confidentiality.