Personal Shopper


Personal Shopper: 200 for 3 Hours

Are you tired of being lead to foolish choices by a commission driven sales person? Don’t know what to wear and what not to wear for business casual and still have an appropriate look at the office? How to master the art of gentleman dressing for business and how to dress for social events? How to dress down for leisure and activities? With our personal shopper you will learn how to shop more efficiently. You will learn:

Recommendations List

•  What type of store caters to your needs        

•  Which brands are designed  for you

•  How to comparison shop       

 •  Advantages & disadvantages of certain fabrics

•  Balancing outfit with color and texture    

•  When to break outdated fashion rules

•  Choosing complimentary colors        

•  Knowing what works for you and why

Hiring The Nouveau Style is not a cost but rather an investment that will pay dividends forever. Feeling good about how you look carries over to all aspects of your personal and professional life. You can, of course, get general “one size fits all” advice from books or web sites. As image consultants, we tailor our services specifically to your body type, lifestyle and overall image you wish to project. We address your individual strengths, weakness and give you the opportunity to step outside of your existing style boundaries.