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Confessions of a Pogonographic Stylist


In case you wonder what pogonophobia is, read my latest article in The Modern Gladiator magazine. I am outing myself as being pogonophobic. How many of you do share that opinion or not? Please share your feed back and thank you for reading. 

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Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Men's Fashion Trends


Gentlemen the winter is here, if you are looking for some ideas on what to wear check my article in The Modern Gladiator magazine. 

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Le Salon De L'Homme


The Modern Gladiator Launching November 16, 2013


What the Modern Gladiator stands for, I will do it in one quote borrowed from the Roman poet Juvena: "Mens sana in corpore sano" (a healthy mind in a healthy body) and I would love to add to that my own twist: "A healthy mind in a healthy body in a perfectly groomed packaging ".

Guys Enhance Your Style with Jewelry


Happy New year!!! Red Boxers of Briefs for the New Year?


In South America, there is a tradition of wearing new red underwear on New Year’s Eve. I got my first red underwear from my Italian friend years ago, and i kept as a family tradition ever since.

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The Lost Art of Handcrafted Shoemaking


If you want to learn more about the luxury of owning the ultimate shoe, read my latest in the Modern Gladiator.
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Hunting for the Perfect Shades this Summer?


Are you looking for the perfect shades? Read my latest article in The Modern Gladiator Magazine.

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How to Dress for Casual/Business functions this Spring


Spring is here and if you are wondering what to shop for, here are my picks for The Modern Gladiator
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Got a Hot Date Whether Dining in out Out We've got You Covered from Head to Toe


You have a date and don’t know what to wear? read my latest article in The Modern Gladiator magazine for ideas.

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Are You Wearing the Wrong Suit?


All Wrapped Up and Confused About Getting a Scarf?


See my article in the fashion rubric in the Modern Gladiator magazine.
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White or no White After Labor Day


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Dress to Impress Yourself


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Some of My Favorite Style


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